My debut in Caracalla with Rigoletto

My familiarity with Rigoletto means that I feel a special love for this opera, since it also reminds me of unique moments in my career. I made my debuts at the Parma Verdi Festival in 2001 and at the New York Metropolitan in 2009 with this work. I’m still engaging with it and I know that, like most of Verdi’s work, it will accompany me throughout my artistic career, because studying Verdi in depth means devoting one’s entire life to him. What I find fascinating about Rigoletto is the psychological complexity of its characters and the descent of human nature into hell, yet also its elevation to the purest of feelings, the great flexibility and boldness of the orchestral narrative which guarantees maximal theatrical effect, and that ceaseless sense of foreboding from the first to the last note, from the first to the final, heart-breaking scene. This production by Damiano Michieletto, on stage at Caracalla from 3rd to 10th August, is wonderful, engaging, and well-created. The modern adaptation works well because Rigoletto carries a universal, timeless message. Michieletto has created a production that includes theatre, cinema and reality, because events take place in real time and the result is excellent. This idea is most apparent in the third act, in which Verdi’s composition is well ahead of his times. As in the opera, in this production the evolution of its characters is in step with the evolution of the drama, making it flawless and complete.